Above Ground Splash Pools

Above Ground Splash Pools


Above Ground Splash Pools are more than just an instant swimming pool. This unique pool eliminates the need for tools to install it. In fact, the Splash family of pools can typically be set up and ready for water in less than one hour, on virtually any type of surface such as grass, sand, asphalt, concrete, or even dirt!

Euro-designed and American-made, Splash Pools, feature a rugged, reinforced membrane and rigid, rust-resistant, powder-coated steel supports. These super quality materials assure you that Splash Pools can withstand extreme temperatures and loads of fun year after year after year.

The TitanPool3 is available in 4 rectangular sizes and 2 round sizes. Smooth lines, rich color, and eye-popping appeal with a beautiful price make the new TitanPool3 better looking than ever. A great price, a great warranty, and relaxing in your own backyard makes the world a very comfortable place. Buy today, swim tomorrow. The value line TitanPool3 sets up in hours in the perfect spot; your own backyard!

Rectangle Pools


9′ x 17′ x 4′ (4000 gallons)
13′ x 21′ x 4′ (7150 gallons)
13′ x 25.5′ x 4′ (8700 gallons)
17′ x 29.5′ x 4′ (15300 gallons)

Round Pools


16′ x 4′ (5000 gallons)
24′ x 4′ (12000 gallons)

Swim Fit System

The Swim Fit systems uses a current system instead of jets like most other systems on the market. It is a fully adjustable current that is suitable for any swimming ability. This current is smooth, bubble and turbulence free. Transform your Splash Pool into a training pool. Fun for all ages! Swim for therapy! Click the tab above to learn more about the Swim Fit System.


Looking for an affordable solution to at home Open Water swimming?

Customers have realized the benefits of swimming in place at home in the Swim Fit System. Triathletes have always seen the value of training on their own time without crowded lanes and flip turns. Therapists frequently recommend aquatic exercise in warm water for treating injuries and for rehabilitation.

Now, by adding the Swim Fit to the best soft-sided pool available, you can have all the benefits of a lap pool. The Swim Fit mounts into most Splash Pools rectangular models and creates a smooth current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke — far superior to currents created by one or more jets. Use the wireless remote to adjust the speed from a gentle flow up to a :57 second 100-yard pace. If you want to improve your swim, treat your aches and pains or simply relax, the Swim Fit Pool Package is the ideal solution.
By installing the Swim Fit pool outdoors you and your family can train, swim, relax and cool off, during the dog days of summer. As the weather cools off you can move the pool indoors to a garage and continue to train year round.

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