Why YOU Should Choose Bullfrog Spas: Better Plumbing Means better Massages and Energy Efficiency

The more pipes, elbows, joints and tubes that lead to a plumbing outlet means more friction and less energy efficiency, which is why Bullfrog Spas has thought of everything when it comes to simplifying and streamlining the plumbing in their hot tubs. To decrease overall energy use and increase jet power, Bullfrog Spas has engineered their hot tubs to have 90% less tubing, elbows, and joints delivering water, the benefits of which you’ll experience in a more powerful massage experience and a smaller energy bill each month when compared to other brands of hot tubs! 


Read on to learn more about how, exactly, the thoughtful design of all Bullfrog Spas will result in more relaxation and more money in your pocket!


Increased Energy Efficiency

Complex (and conventional) plumbing designs result in energy loss and, as a result, poor jet performance when you use your spa. As a future spa-owner this is an important factor to consider when shopping for a hot tub because you don’t want any surprises on your energy bill at the end of the month! 


Unlike conventional spas, a Bullfrog Spa has 90% less plumbing that simplifies water delivery to the jets, which means that water is delivered more directly and more efficiently. What this means for you is that water is delivered more directly which saves energy and delivers more power to the jets, even when using all of the jets at the same time.


Ultimately, the Bullfrog Spas experience cannot be understated because they didn’t stop with just streamlining the plumbing system. Bullfrog Spas is the penultimate hot tub brand because they focus on improving or optimizing features that other brands might look over, such as the quality and type of insulation, outfitting their spas with an upgraded dual-pump system, creating fitted hot tub covers for their spas that further reduce heat loss, ensuring air-tight sealing throughout the spa, and focusing on creating the most reliable spa on the market by designing their spas with a sturdy frame and structure.


More Powerful Jets = Better Massages


When you imagine a spa, we bet that you don’t imagine a spa with jets that are removable and customizable to your specific needs. No other spa on the market comes with Bullfrog’s varying seat depth options and their unique JetPak Therapy System


The variability in seat depth is a feature that changes the game because, when paired with Bullfrog’s interchangeable JetPaks that can be swapped out throughout the tub based on user location and physical attributes such as height. Swapping out the JetPaks also means that you can curate your perfect in-home massage experience by switching up the massage type and intensity to match your mood.


Ultimately, the energy-efficient plumbing in their spas have allowed Bullfrog Spas to create a fully customizable system with the JetPak Therapy System that is both energy efficient and delivers the best massage experience on the market today. 


If you are interested in learning more about these spas and how they could benefit your lifestyle, we encourage you to stop by a showroom near you to speak to one of our expert staff members.