The Top 6 Ways A Hot Tub Can Improve Emotional Wellness

Life can sometimes be straining. As pressures pile up, finding joy isn’t always easy. But if you have a home hot tub, daily soaks can offer ways to center yourself. Spending just 15 minutes in your spa every morning or night can allow you to soothe yourself emotionally and bring positivity into your life. Here … Read More

How A Daily Hot Tub Soak Can Help Improve Physical Wellnes

Physical wellness starts in the healthy habits we form—eating nutritious meals, treating yourself well, getting a good night’s sleep, and living in motion, whether that means taking sunset walks in the park a few days a week, participating in team sports, or engaging in vigorous workouts. Daily soaks in your hot tub can also contribute … Read More

Protecting Your Hot Tub In The Rain And Other Inclement Weather

Hot tubbing in light rain is among the more pleasant experiences in life. The warm water of the spa soothes your muscles and joints, and relaxes your mind as a gentle rain falls on your face. Hot tubbing in the snow offers a similar experience. Watching the snowflakes dance into the water as you feel … Read More

Help Me Sleep: Your Hot Tub To The Rescue!

A bad night’s sleep can leave you groggy, unfocused, and unable to be your best self the next day. When insomnia continues for months or even years, what was once a mild inconvenience can become a debilitating condition. Millions of Americans suffer from sleep loss, and many remedies exist to help them get the rest … Read More

Creating Home Hot Tub Privacy

A hot tub is a wonderful addition to a home, providing relaxing hot soaks and a plethora of benefits right outside your back door. But sometimes, even when you’ve placed your spa in the best spot on your patio or in your yard, it might not be as private as you wish. Whether your hot tub is … Read More